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MYT Skate Small, 75mm Bowl

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  • Body machined from solid aluminum
  • Wheels of soft foam rubber
  • 75mm bowl mount hi-hat
  • One-latch hi-hat release
  • Supports up to 25lbs

The MYT SKATE is a first of its kind skate dolly. This trackless dolly system allows for smooth and easy tracking movements with little to no prep time involved. The MYT SKATE is engineered to work on surfaces as diverse as pavement, carpet, counter-tops, hardwood floor and more. The MYT SKATE Small can support up to 25lbs, and has a wheel diameter of 4 inches. The threaded holes that can be found all over our line of MYT slider dollies are also present on the MYT SKATE, making it easy to mount and rig. The MYT SKATE is an outstanding addition to any operator’s gear. This Skate comes with a Hi-Hat suitable for 75mm heads.

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Written by gordonoscar23

May 30, 2013 at 12:09 am

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