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Chimera OctaPlus 7 Expansion Kit, Extends OctaPlus 5 Foot to a 7 Foot Lightbank.

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    The Chimera OctaPlus Lightbank family includes the Chimera OctaPlus 3, a 3 foot diameter (.9m) fixed Lightbank, and the Chimera OctaPlus 57, a 5 foot diameter (1.5m) Lightbank which is expandable to a 7 foot diameter (2.1m) Lightbank using a 2 foot (.65m) expansion kit (no tools required). You may also purchase the OctaPlus 5, by itself and then add the 7 foot expansion kit at a later time.The OctaPlus family of Lightbanks is designed to create a beautiful soft light with rounded highlights. A soft silver interior in the OctaPlus Lightbanks combined with an innovative graduated baffle in the OctaPlus 5 and OctaPlus 57 insures a highly efficient and even spread of light. During extensive testing it was found that there was only a .2 f stop light fall off between the center and the outer edges of the OctaPlus 57. All of the CHIMERA OctaPlus Lightbanks are compatible with strobes and continuous light sources up to 1,200 watts (the 5′ and 7′ models will accommodate light sources up to 2000 watts). The CHIMERA OctaPlus Lightbanks require an OctaPlus Speed Ring. A CHIMERA model 3770 stand adaptor or other model stand adaptor is also recommended for the larger models, so the weight of the Lightbank is not supported on the fixture.

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    Written by gordonoscar23

    May 27, 2013 at 11:09 pm

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